Tighter Abs in 2 Weeks

So, you need to slim down and get tighter abs in 2 weeks. Perhaps your high school reunion is coming up or your best friend's wedding is on the horizon. Maybe you have an exciting vacation coming up soon. Whatever the case, you have 2 weeks to achieve tighter abs... no problem! Today, we live in a world of instant gratification and on-the-go technology. From downloading our favorite book on our Kindle, or a song on our iPod, or a movie 'on demand', we expect to receive it instantly. This philosophy of "I want it now" has impacted every aspect of our lives, even our appearance. Read More


Boost Your Metabolism

Another thing that will aid in weigh toss is strength training. Begin a strength-training program that will help you shed the pounds. Muscle burns many more calories than fat does, even when you're at rest. Whether you use resistance tubing, hand-held weights, or another type of resistance, you'll quickly diminish your body fat, enhance your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. If you are looking to shed a few pounds by boosting your metabolism, you might consider adding certain foods to your diet.Read More


Which Cardio Machine is Best?

When looking to burn fat and melt away the calories, the most efficient method is cardiovascular exercise. There are many options for cardio machines, each with its benefits and drawbacks, but the most cost efficient way is to buy used gym equipment. The key to choosing the right machine is to use a machine that you find most enjoyable and that you are most comfortable with. You shouldn't be dreading your workout, and the more fun you have, the harder you will work and the more benefits you will see.Read More


Covid Friendly Workouts In Limited Space

Being stuck in our homes and unable to go out for a walk or a change of view can be quite a problem for many of us, and after a while of lazing on the couch and watching TV reruns we start getting the urge to get moving and getting our blood circulating again. But what to do in such a small space! Well, here are some ideas and suggestions that you can use as a kick off point to developing your own exercise routine!Read More

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