Eat To Gain Muscle

EATING to build muscle is equally, if not more important than WORKING OUT. If you have been working HARDER than anybody else in the gym, and not seen the results you wanted, maybe eating is where you can turn things around. I know this for a fact, because I spent 2 years working out VERY HARD only to put on 8 pounds, but the moment I started EATING TO BUILD MUSCLE, I went on to gain 20+ pounds of muscle in under a year. Read More


Treadmill Reviews

If you are in the process of selecting a treadmill, then you have two options. You could spend a lot of time as well as energy in searching and researching about the various types of treadmills available, their features, pricing, etc. Alternatively you could just browse through treadmill reviews to understand much faster all the needed details about treadmills. Of course, there are hundreds of treadmill reviews out there on the Internet, but some are better than others.Read More


Budget Friendly Home Gyms

Let it be known: I do not have a membership to a gym. I do not have a personal trainer. I don't even have any exercise machines in my home (unless you can consider my DVD player). The reason? I'm cheap. But I stay in good shape (okay, good enough) with some little doo-dads here and there that I keep in a plastic tub in the living room. Now, if you've ever been down the fitness aisles at Target or Wal-Mart, you know there are lots and lots of doo-dads. Read More


Butt and Thigh Workout Tips

You already have to deal with issues for being a woman, so why is it that you and I have to deal with cellulite too? It's already too much having to deal with pms, monthly visits from our favorite aunt, shaving and having to put on make up... and so why cellulite? Don't worry, you're not alone... 90% of women in the world have to deal with cellulite... the fat and the skinny! Don't worry, I am not one of the lucky 10% who gets to walk away without the slightest bit of orange peel. I do too... but I have developed workouts and special eating habits to help downplay my cellulite issues and the other women's cellulite that I train.Read More

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