The Butt Workouts to Get Rid of Butt and Thigh Cellulite

You already have to deal with issues for being a woman, so why is it that you and I have to deal with cellulite too? It's already too much having to deal with pms, monthly visits from our favorite aunt, shaving and having to put on make up... and so why cellulite?

Don't worry, you're not alone... 90% of women in the world have to deal with cellulite... the fat and the skinny! Don't worry, I am not one of the lucky 10% who gets to walk away without the slightest bit of orange peel. I do too... but I have developed workouts and special eating habits to help downplay my cellulite issues and the other women's cellulite that I train.

First off, what is cellulite? Thank your hormones... estrogen promotes fat cells to be stored directly under the top layer of skin, in a webbing of connective tissues. So it's not like normal skin, it's locked in cages like a prisoner in a cell. And what's the number one place for trouble? Your butt!

Have you thought about spending your cash on those creams and gels you see at the drug store? Don't, they are worthless, they can't get rid of cellulite... though they can "reduce the appearance" but it's short term and very insignificant to the eyes. The lotion gets absorbed and up pops the cellulite again.

The there is something you can do to reduce the appearance big time of your butt cellulite...

It's the butt workouts that tone the butt muscles and butt of fat, you're tush and body become tighter, toner and sexier! Even free of cellulite dimples completely or close to it!

A Butt Workout To Rid Your Cellulite Battle

No long trips on the treadmill is going to help you here... long runs and cardio workouts will have you lose weight, but it's not going to be all fat! In fact, long steady state cardio burns a ton of muscle and since we want a toned and tight butt obviously this isn't going to be the kind of workout I promote to you.

To build muscle which in terms burns fat (muscle takes energy to build and keep), you need to have a great strength training program that blast calories and keeps the intensity high. Don't worry, women aren't like men... we don't have the hormones they do to build muscle so you won't get big and beefy.

The exercises below are great for your butt and your cellulite but what's more is that they are big exercises that works several muscle groups at once so it's a great total workout.

Complete this workout by doing all exercises back to back with little or no rest. Once you've done them all rest and if possible repeat 1-2 more times!

1. Step-ups: 10 each leg

2. Bulgarian Squats: 10 each leg

3. Lunge walks: 30 total

4. Squat jumps: 15 total

5. Plank pose: hold 30-45 seconds

6. Stair sprint: 60 seconds

These 6 exercises will have your muscles getting a great workout, your heart will get the benefits of a cardio workout and your cellulite will be mad as it starts to shrink away to allow you to wear tighter clothes and feeling more comfortable walking around the house dressed in less for your guy!